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DFL Déjà vu and DFL Hypocrisy

This LTE was printed in the Forest Lake Times and it was submitted to the Chisago County Republican website. Editor.
Max Anderson failed to include Democrats in last week's rant (GOP Déjà vu).

Chisago can be proud!

Sure Obama has been re-elected.  It hurts.  I get it.  But, Chisago County did it's part.  Every Republican Endorse candidate (minus Bills, that is a whole different story) won in our great county.  That my friends is amazing.  We worked harder and had great candidates to work with.  Think about it.  Romney, Cravaack, Nienow, Barrett, Dettmer, Johnson and Housley all WINNERS.  So while you are bothered about the new politcal landscape in Minnesota.  As you see red when thinking about D.C.  Remember this, Chisago did it and it is up

So very impressed....yet so unimpressed.

Last night the "League of Woman Voters" hosted a candidate forum in North Branch.  Senate 32, House 32B, County Commissioner and School Board.  Here is how I sum up the evening.

1. First group, Commissioner Candidates, was a mix of candidates from 3 different districts.  Trulson vs. Walker.  Smisson vs. Robinson and George McMahon flying solo.  We can rule out McMahon from the beginning.  All though he comes across as a nice guy,  he did not add much to the content and was uncontested at the event. 

Whats good for the goose.......

Voter supression?  I toss the B.S. flag.  To enter the DNC you must have a "state issued" photo I.D.

See it for yourself.  What a bunch of hypocrites!


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Leadership for the 21st Century

To the editor:

The liberal Democrats, lacking any substantive issue to run on, are trying to make the case for giving them back control of the Legislature by criticizing the Republicans for the way they balanced the budget.

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Distortions Fibs and Lies

To the Editor:

Distortions, distractions, fibs, folly, and lies, this according to all of the recent attack letters published in the papers these past few months, and now last week’s letter, once again attacking Rep Bob Barrett. Is this the real face of the Chisago county DFL party? Is this all you have?  Please tell us all you have something of substance.

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Read the Constitution Letter to editor

I was threatened by a person (a senior citizen no less) today who wanted to “take me outside and throttle me” because I am “too stupid to talk to.”


The topic of discussion was low interest rates for investments, to which I pointed out that the Fed has kept interest rates artificially low and continues to overprint money, diluting its value.

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Chip Cravaack: A Jobs Champion

To the Editor:

With the upcoming U.S. House of Representatives District 8 election in November, we need to be aware of attempts by an Alliance for a Better Minnesota (ABM) to defeat our Rep. Chip Cravaack.  ABM is a political group funded by the Rockefeller family.  Alida Rockefeller Messinger has vowed to spend big money defeating Minnesota’s conservative Republicans in the statehouse and the U.S. Congress.  Messinger has just contributed $500,000 to ABM with more to follow.

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Nienow and Barrett: Closing the Education Gap

To the Editor:

I was appalled and angry when I read last week about the difference in how much money Minneapolis gets per pupil in total education funding compared to our local school here in the county. Maybe they need more money to educate kids in Minneapolis but $7,000 more per kid?

If the amount of money per pupil is what makes Minneapolis schools successful then why is it that almost 30 percent of their school kids use open enrollment to attend schools outside the district, schools that get less funding but apparently provide better education.

An e-mail recently sent to me.

A great American sent me this e-mail recently.  I thought it was well stated and worth sharing.


Janice and I visited the Minnesota State Fair today.  We truly have a great state fair.  Families can travel the fair in safety with little fear of bodily harm or lewd behavior.